Crowdfunding is the Internet's #1 newest, most exciting phenomenon and social trend for raising funds. It’s the idea of passing a basket around at church with a large crowd of people being able to contribute small amounts of money which combined meet the financial goal of any organization, group or individual.
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Since 1999, thanks to excellent marketing strategy Crypto Master Pro is constantly expanding the geography of its activities. The company combines several successful profitable business directions, from the multicurrency trading in the market to investments in digital currency (mining, trade, exchange and private currency exchange). In 2017, the company has developed and launched an online platform for Bitcoin investors, which allows sending payments, making deposits and regular accruals of profits in automatic mode. Thanks to this website not only conversion of customers was significantly increased, but also Crypto Master Pro got new opportunities for rapid development and steady financial flows. Providing you multiple funding solutions in different currency exchanges.



Sharing Coins easy-to-use fundraiser template allows you to create an effective home page for your crowdfunding campaign. Show potential donors how they can help by telling a compelling story, uploading several pictures and videos, and posting updates.


Activate your social network. With just a few clicks, spread the word of your fundraiser to friends, family and other potential donors through Facebook, Twitter, email and other channels. Each share is worth 200 on average instead of 37.


Donation will be transferred to Bit Coin or ethereum account .Sharing Coins provides free fundraising. We don’t charge anything. The donating processor does however take 2.9 % plus $.30 per transaction.


Giving people the right tools for success and knowledge of running a business without going into debt or obtaining a loan. What ever it is we lack in education, knowledge, influence, we can always obtain it through somebody who has it. The exchange of favors and the exchange of knowledge is one of the greatest exchanges in the world.


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